I love pink & more

Since the summer of 2009 I not only started running but I also discovered until then unknown principles of simple living, voluntary simplicity and minimalism. Therefore I try to cut down on unreasonable shopping. Things that made it to this list I really do love, enjoy and consider them being totally worth buying / reading / following. You can also check out my little recommended items store on Amazon.

My projects
Barborka's Photography
Project 365 ... at this moment unfortunately discontinued due to too much work and not yet restarted due to too much running :)

Running gear
Nike Free Run+ 2 running shoes (I think I am getting another pair with Nike ID customization very very soon, sadly replacing the Lunar Elites - that are great shoes though)
Nike Lunar Elite running shoes
Garmin Forerunner 110 ... being mid-term solution now until I have enough money for the Garmin Forerunner 610 or even better
Garmin Forerunner 910XT (check out DC Rainmaker's review for the 110, 610 and 910XT)
Fuelbelt Helium ... I have the 2 bottle version in HOT PINK

Running with music
iPod Shuffle 4th gen in hot pink of course!
Arriva headphones for iPod Shuffle
... these two are great combo together, no more annoying cables when running with music

Simple living & minimalism
Luxury of Less by Karol Gajda

For the doggie
Rupert.cz ... high quality dog food and accessories (in Czech only)

A girl can be a tech freak ...
iMac (27'')
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPad Mini
Canon EOS D50

Shop with purpose
Before buying anything, just think about the reasons of your purchase. Is it just short term wanting of things? Or is it something that will enrich your life on the long term by its usefulness or simply by the fact that you have an addiction, you love the simplistic and clever design ... Just give the act of buying anything more thoughtfulness than usual. Just the consciousness will change your attitude. The freedom of not buying things because everyone does so or the commercials say so, so liberating!

By shopping through these links you will support the running of this site and purchases of running gear to test and review for you on my site. If you have any suggestions about the things to review, just let me know!